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What our members say about COBO

Shailendra, financial counselor

"I highly recommend COBO to anyone who is looking for a shared space to work. Very professional job in arranging host facilities and properly checking the guests so as to provide a safe and working atmosphere.

Zach, creative director

"Just like I expected “rideshare for home office professionals.” Very chill and accommodating. I would recommend and return to the Cobos. All stars.

Barbara, self-employed

““I am able to focus, make good progress, and I made a new coworking buddy named Kiera the black lab! Another unexpected benefit was working against time. The appointment slots create a helpful container for my work. Small group coworking at COBO is great!”

Daniela, software engineer

“The work spaces are cozier than any office or cafe! I love it, it is the perfect combination of cozy and productive! I highly recommend the COBO work spaces!”


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